Popular Mountain Biking Trails in Maryland

Patapsco Valley State Park pic
Patapsco Valley State Park
Image: singletracks.com

A physician anesthesiologist and partner at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar ensures patients are safe before, during, and after surgery. In his free time, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys mountain biking.

Following are a few of the top mountain biking trails in Maryland:

Patapsco Valley State Park. The Avalon area of the park offers some of the state’s most popular mountain biking experiences. Featuring roughly 25 miles of track, the area is meant for intermediate riders. The park provides plenty of altitude, rocky areas, and switchbacks to keep the ride exciting.

Schaeffer Farms. A popular destination for mountain bikers of all skill levels, the trails were created by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources after a group of local mountain biking enthusiasts requested access to nearby off-limit trails. Roughly 18 miles of single track, or narrow trails, are available in the fields and forests of Schaeffer Farms.

Rosaryville State Park. Located in Upper Marlboro, the park’s intermediate trail features tight twists and steep hills that take cyclists through beautiful landscapes. Most days, the trails stay relatively uncrowded, but cyclists must keep an eye out for hikers and horseback riders.

Blood Cells Treated with Nitric Oxide May Lower Hypertension Risk

Hypertension Risk pic
Hypertension Risk
Image: weeklytribunenews.com

For more than a decade, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar has practiced as an anesthesiologist and partner at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates (SMAA) in Lanham, Maryland. As a matter of professional interest as well as his continuing education, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar maintains membership in the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

According to a recent study published in the journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), treating red blood cells (RBCs) with nitric oxide prior to transfusion can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Patients who receive transfusions are at an elevated risk of developing pulmonary hypertension in the lungs, which can lead to more significant cardiovascular issues, including heart failure. According to researchers, pretreating the blood with nitric oxide can offset this risk.

Researchers stored red blood cells extracted from lambs for use in the trial. After a 40-day storage period, some of the cells were treated with nitric oxide. Lambs then received transfusions of either treated or untreated RBCs. Data showed the lambs that received untreated blood saw double the incidence of blood vessel constriction as compared to lambs that had been transfused with the treated RBCs.

Researchers say that testing nitric oxide-treated RBCs from human patients is now necessary to see if the results carry over to the human population.

Darrell Green – Perhaps the Greatest Redskin Ever

Darrell Green pic
Darrell Green
Image: darrellgreen.com

For more than a decade, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar has been a partner, physician, and anesthesiologist with Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates in Lanham, Maryland. Outside of his professional life, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys watching professional football and is a fan of the Washington Redskins.

There have been many great individuals who have played for the Washington Redskins over the years. Names like Joe Theismann and John Riggins immediately come to mind. Among the all-time outstanding Redskins, however, perhaps the greatest player is cornerback Darrell Green.

A Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Green played 20 years for the Redskins, which is unheard of in the National Football League (NFL). He won two Super Bowls in Washington and was a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, a four-time First Team All-Pro selection, and the Walter Payton Man of the Year in 1996. Green is also the all-time franchise leader in interceptions.

Green never sought out the spotlight, which explains why he remains underrated among pro football fans and the world at large. For two decades, however, he was the cornerstone of the Redskins defense and one of the most durable players in NFL history.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Elects a Vice President

American Society of Anesthesiologists pic
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Image: asahq.org

Since 2005, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar has served as an anesthesiologist and partner at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, located in Lanham, Maryland. In conjunction with his career, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar maintains an active membership with the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

At the recent annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the members elected Linda J. Mason, MD, as the organization’s vice president, the first ever. As a member of the ASA Executive Committee, Dr. Mason will sit alongside the current president, the president-elect, and the former president. Together, they will develop and implement policies that the ASA House of Delegates and ASA Board of Directors have voted to enact. A certified pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Mason earlier sat on the ASA board for a decade as a director.

Dr. Mason currently serves as the director of pediatric anesthesiology at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She also teaches anesthesiology and pediatrics as a professor at Loma Linda University, where she received her medical degree and did her residency.

Washington Redskins Pick Wide Receiver in First Round of 2016 Draft

Washington Redskins pic
Washington Redskins
Image: redskins.com

A Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar serves as a consultant anesthesiologist at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, where he assists patients through each phase of surgery. Away from his practice, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar follows the National Football League, and his favorite team is the Washington Redskins.

The Washington Redskins finished the 2015 regular NFL season with a record of nine wins, seven losses, and a National Football Conference Eastern Division championship title. Moving toward the 2016 campaign, the franchise opted to strengthen their offensive roster by selecting Josh Doctson with the 22nd pick in the first round of the recent NFL draft.

Josh Doctson played wide receiver at Texas Christian University (TCU), where he caught 79 receptions, scored 14 touchdowns, and helped the school achieve a seventh-place ranking in the country. He started his collegiate career at another school but still managed to set the TCU record for career touchdowns while competing with the Horned Frogs. For his performance in 2015, he earned a selection to the NCAA first team All-American roster.

Acadia National Park – A Rugged, Coastal Maine Getaway

Acadia National Park pic
Acadia National Park
Image: nps.gov

A consultant anesthesiologist and partner with Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, LLC, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar ensures the well-being of patients undergoing surgery. Outside of work, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys family trips to scenic areas and has hiked in national parks including Shenandoah and Acadia.

Located in Maine, Acadia National Park is a rugged spot where coastline and mountains meet and is mostly situated on Mt. Desert Island. The isle was named in 1604 by explorer Samuel de Champlain, who called it the “the island of barren mountains.” It was taken over by mansions in the guise of summer cottages in the mid-1800s, with yachts dotting rocky harbors.

The contemporary park is unique in having been created from donated private property. The patchy park boundaries were formally set in place by Congress in 1986. One of America’s most visited national parks, Acadia receives 2.5 million visitors each year and can experience summer gridlock.

The Washington Redskins’ First Super Bowl Win

Washington Redskins pic
Washington Redskins
Image: redskins.com

Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar has spent more than a decade as a partner, physician, and anesthesiologist with Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, LLC, in Lanham, Maryland. When he is not serving patients Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar spends time following Washington Redskins football.

The Washington Redskins National Football League (NFL) team made its first Super Bowl appearance in 1972, but would not claim the franchise’s first Super Bowl trophy for another decade. The Redskins finished the 1982 lockout shortened season with a record of eight wins to just one loss, a mark that tied the Los Angeles Raiders for best in the league.

Entering the post season as the National Football Conference (NFC) top seed, the Redskins made quick work of their opening round opponents, the Detroit Lions, with a 31-7 victory. Washington progressed through divisional and conference games with similar 21-7 and 31-17 wins over the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, respectively.

In the 1982 Super Bowl the Washington Redskins faced the Miami Dolphins at the famous Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. Miami scored early and often, amassing a 17-10 victory heading into halftime. However, the Redskins defense took over in third and fourth quarters, holding the Dolphins scoreless. Meanwhile Washington quarterback Joe Theismann orchestrated three scoring drives, giving the Redskins a 27-17 Super Bowl victory.