Helping Patients Understand the Role of an Anesthesiologist

 Anesthesiologist pic

Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar has functioned in a variety of roles at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates (SMAA), LLC, in Lanham, Maryland, since joining the group as a partner in 2005. A consultant anesthesiologist, he also serves the group as compliance officer and, in the past, as a quality and assurance officer. Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar maintains memberships with a number of local and national anesthesiology groups, including the Maryland State Anesthesiology Association.

The Maryland State Anesthesiology Association (MSA) is a policy group operating with the goal of promoting effective anesthesia services to patients throughout the state. MSA works in various areas of patient care, following a decades-long trend of anesthesiologists acting as pioneers on matters of patient safety. One of the organization’s most basic efforts in this regard involves increasing a patient’s knowledge of the field and familiarizing themselves with the objectives of a trained anesthesiologist.

To start, nearly 60 percent of Americans do not believe that anesthesiologists have been subjected to the same academic rigors as other physicians. In reality the average anesthesiologist has accrued between 12 and 14 years of education, to go along with as many as 16,000 hours of medical training. Patients may also be unaware of the extensive role anesthesiologists play. Beyond their work in the operating and recovery rooms, anesthesiologists conduct pre-operative interviews with patients and often engage in long-term care services as a hospitalist or pain management specialist. More important patient information can be found at the MSA website,


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