Popular Mountain Biking Trails in Maryland

Patapsco Valley State Park pic
Patapsco Valley State Park
Image: singletracks.com

A physician anesthesiologist and partner at Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar ensures patients are safe before, during, and after surgery. In his free time, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys mountain biking.

Following are a few of the top mountain biking trails in Maryland:

Patapsco Valley State Park. The Avalon area of the park offers some of the state’s most popular mountain biking experiences. Featuring roughly 25 miles of track, the area is meant for intermediate riders. The park provides plenty of altitude, rocky areas, and switchbacks to keep the ride exciting.

Schaeffer Farms. A popular destination for mountain bikers of all skill levels, the trails were created by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources after a group of local mountain biking enthusiasts requested access to nearby off-limit trails. Roughly 18 miles of single track, or narrow trails, are available in the fields and forests of Schaeffer Farms.

Rosaryville State Park. Located in Upper Marlboro, the park’s intermediate trail features tight twists and steep hills that take cyclists through beautiful landscapes. Most days, the trails stay relatively uncrowded, but cyclists must keep an eye out for hikers and horseback riders.


Acadia National Park – A Rugged, Coastal Maine Getaway

Acadia National Park pic
Acadia National Park
Image: nps.gov

A consultant anesthesiologist and partner with Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, LLC, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar ensures the well-being of patients undergoing surgery. Outside of work, Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys family trips to scenic areas and has hiked in national parks including Shenandoah and Acadia.

Located in Maine, Acadia National Park is a rugged spot where coastline and mountains meet and is mostly situated on Mt. Desert Island. The isle was named in 1604 by explorer Samuel de Champlain, who called it the “the island of barren mountains.” It was taken over by mansions in the guise of summer cottages in the mid-1800s, with yachts dotting rocky harbors.

The contemporary park is unique in having been created from donated private property. The patchy park boundaries were formally set in place by Congress in 1986. One of America’s most visited national parks, Acadia receives 2.5 million visitors each year and can experience summer gridlock.

Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive

Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive pic
Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive
Image: visitskylinedrive.org

Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar joined Southern Maryland Anesthesia Associates, LLC, in 2005. He continues to serve the organization as a physician, anesthesiologist, and partner. Beyond his professional activities Dr. Aarohi Ambardekar enjoys staying physically active. He often hikes with his family at Shenandoah National Park and Acadia National Park.

Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park provides visitors with a variety of amenities, ranging from more than 500 miles of hiking trails to a plethora of scenic camp sites. The park also offers the Skyline Drive, a 105 mile stretch of road running north and south alongside the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The only main roadway through the park, the route is available to cars as well as recreational vehicles, horse trailers, and camping trailers, though operators of larger vehicles should be prepared to shift to a lower gear. The drive lasts roughly three hours from start to finish.

The Skyline Drive is much more than a road through the park, but rather one of Shenandoah’s most popular attractions. Mileposts help drivers navigate from one point of interest to the next, such as sprawling fields of wildflower and 75 idyllic overlooks. Drivers may also encounter some of the park’s wildlife, including deer, black bears, and wild turkey.